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HSL is seeking masterplans primarily focused on residential development, reflecting the growing acceptance of high-rise living in the market. Proposals must accommodate phased developments to ensure flexibility and scalability.

HSL building


A central feature of the site is the stream cutting through the middle of the land. This natural element is crucial to the competition, and architects must integrate it thoughtfully into their designs. Additionally, traffic access is an important criterion, ensuring that the development is easily accessible and well-connected.

Air site river stream


Commercial Pragmatism: Proposals should strike a balance between Sarawak's promising economic prospects and the region's relatively modest population size.

Environmental Best Practices: Designs should prioritise eco-sustainability, including the preservation of large trees and other significant natural features. A thorough examination of the topography plan is required to identify these key areas.

Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to Sarawak's building guidelines is encouraged, although there is room for innovative thinking within reason.

Click here for The Development Control Standards Manual by the Sarawak Government

Air site overview


Participants are encouraged to draw inspiration from HSL's flagship development, La Promenade, which is celebrated for its extensive green spaces and harmonious integration with the natural environment.

La Promenade


Submissions will be evaluated based on their innovative ideas, commercial feasibility, and eco-sustainability. As in HSL's 2021 Langit competition, one of the winning proposals will be released.

Langit competition
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